Sunday, October 29, 2006

October projects-in-progress.

One reason this blog has suffered somewhat is that I haven't had quite as much time for knitting this semester--not as much of the kind of reading that I can knit while doing, only one class I'm comfortable knitting in, and frankly just not enough downtime overall. Fortunately my craft-y urges are kept somewhat satisfied by my job in the theater costume shop, but for a while there my only knitting project was a slow-moving pair of socks. However, last week was Fall break, and I started a couple of new (inexpensive! but also, alas, fairly quick) projects, to wit:

Mitered square rug. Watch me try to take interesting photos of a bunch of squares!

And the close-up:

This one is on hold until I get over to Bi-Mart and get some more dishcloth cotton. I'm almost out of a couple of colors I need more of. I should actually get in gear and do that, though, because it will be nice to have something between my stocking feet and the linoleum when I'm washing dishes.

And, hey, it's dishcloth cotton, making this one of the few knitting projects out there that is almost as cheap as a comparable storebought [whatever]. Sigh.

Fuzzyfeet, from Knitty. Weirdly enough, I bought the exact color of Lamb's Pride specified in the pattern, completely unintentionally. I had it in my head that the originals were green...

These are actually all done except for one toe graft and the felting. I've never fulled knitting before, except for the swatch for these. Adventure time! Maybe I'll do that this afternoon.

And the very-slow-moving socks: Laila's socks, from Folk Knitting in Estonia.

After finishing the second sock, and before frogging half the foot of the first one. My gauge is a bit smaller than the original, so I had to add some extra repeats of the stripe pattern; I decided halfway through the second sock (the upper one in the photo) that it might look better if I worked an extra repeat of the stripe pattern on the foot before doing the larger motif. This turned out to be the case (well, in my opinion), so after comparing them I ripped out a good bit of the first sock and began again:

I'm now quite close to the toe shaping on the re-done sock. I've been working on these since before we moved in September, but I'm not really that slow; I mostly work on them in one particular class, which only meets for three hours a week. They're a good portable project, so I've been trying to make them last.

Also in progress: some kind of flu-with-fever thing that knocked me flat yesterday and isn't much better today. Pretty much all I've been good for is reading/dozing on the couch and, well, making blog posts (with way more typos than usual, though I think I've caught most of them). Thank goodness the paper I thought was due tomorrow is actually due Wednesday...


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